Who are we [English]

Viaje Sim! is a Brazilian travel blog written by a journalist and a psychiatric focused on affordable luxury experiences, vow renewals around the world and pet friendly trips in Brazil. The blog is written in Portuguese by Jackie Mota and Rômulo Elizardo, who travel as a couple and, when in Brazil, with the french bulldogs Maquiavel and Foucault.

The blog contain more than 400 posts, all filled with the couple’s personal opinion, practical tips, a bit of history information and ready-to-use itineraries, besides a lot of pictures. Also, there are special content as thematic pages, series of posts and a complete pdf guide for download.


Jackeline Mota

Jackie Mota: Journalist, specialist in International Relations and master in Strategic Studies. I choose destinations, write, photograph and manage social media. Passionate about history, dogs and Beatles.

Jackeline Mota-2

Rômulo Elizardo: Psychiatric and specialist in neuroscience. I handle our budget, edit posts and manage finances. Passionate about technology, economy and beer.


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